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Stop by Crossfit Credence to pick up your meals 5am-9pm on Mondays

CrossFit Credence
3020 N Broadway Ave

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Q: How do I get my meals? 

We will cook up your delicious order and have them available at one of our pickup areas!

Q: When do I need to have my order in by?

We ask that you have your orders in by Sunday evening so we know how much food we need to bring to our cooking parties!

Q: What is the difference between Lean, Athletic, and Bulk?

Lean, Athletic, and Bulk are our way of sizing the meals for your individual needs! Lean, is less calories and carbohydrates. This is a great option for cutting weight the right way! Athletic is for active lifesyle's that need the nutrition to power their day. Bulk is for those individuals looking to add healthy muscle by getting additional calories in the form of clean, nutritious food.

Q: What if the meal I want isn't on this week's menu?

That's awesome that you have favorite meals with us! Unfortunately, the week's menu is laid out well in advance. So if it's not on the menu this week, you'll have to wait and try again next week. But your feedback is important to us, and often times drives our decisions. So reach out and let us know which means you'd like to see more often!

Q: Are you able to ship the meals directly to me?

Not at this time - but if there's enough demand, that may be an option in the future!

Q: How do I know which meals will fit my daily macros?

Reach out! We offer nutrition consulting along with our meals. Our goal is to provide the "full package," to our customers by providing nutrition coaching and consulting along with the cooking!